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     Algebraic Algorithms and Applications

                 An historic overview from 1965 to 2025,
        at the occasion of the 65th birthday of Patrizia Gianni.

                    Pisa, March 30 — April 1 2017
                      Dipartimento di Matematica

The last 50 years have seen an emerging trend in multivariate
polynomial algebra AKA projective-algebraic geometry: algorithm and
applications, linked by the production and use of efficient software,
have developed from an almost clandestine activity into a mainstream
topic that has become a matter of course. Nobody any longer thinks
of "eliminating the elimination" and polynomials and power series 
(non-linear algebra) are a serious tool in many applications.

Patrizia Gianni has been a key person in these trends, and at the
turning point of her career (she has retired from teaching) we are
collecting a few of the main actors of this change, for a meeting
focusing on the turning aspects of the past history of this subject,
and a vision of future development.

The workshop will comprise invited talks, contributed talks and
posters, as well as a social dinner and other social activities. 


Mariemi Alonso
Anna Maria Bigatti
Dario Bini
Bruno Buchberger
James H Davenport
Alicia Dickenstein
Dominique Duval
André Galligo
Gert-Martin Greuel
Daniel Lazard
Teo Mora
Tomás Recio
Fabrice Rouillier
Marie-Françoise Roy
Carlo Traverso


The workshop will start in the morning of March 30, and will end at
noon of April 1. The social activities will be a walk upon the town
walls (March 31 at lunchtime) a birthday dinner (March 31) and
possibly further activities on April 1 afternoon. 
See here an (almost final) schedule draft.

(illustrated schedule version) (illustrated schedule cover) For contact, please write to contact@aaa.dm.unipi.it IMPORTANT DATES: Proposal submissions: Feb. 28 Acceptance decisions: Mar. 12 Conference Schedule: Mar. 19


Registration is free, but it is requested to register for the meals on March 30, (free), for the wall excursion (free) and for the social dinner on March 31 (cost 35 Euro). For the social dinner, please register BEFORE MONDAY MARCH 27 midnight. For the meals on March 30, registration is possible up to March 29 (meals assured) and at the conference (meals only if there is space left). For the excursion on the walls, please register at least the day before. The number of allowed participants is limited. Register with an email to aaa@aaa.dm.unipi.it indicating if you would like to take part to the wall excursion and to the social dinner.

Social Program

Excursion on the city walls

There will be an accompanied walk on the walls of the town, from the
garden of the Department (where there is an entrance with stairs and
elevator) to the Piazza dei Miracoli, on March 31 at lunch time.  The
walls have been recently made accessible for the first time since
several centuries, but are not yet regularly open to the general
public. We have requested to the town to allow us, with the help of
the Association "Associazione per le mura di Pisa"", 
to make a walk on the walls from the Department to the Piazza dei Miracoli.

A few pictures of the walls:

Social Dinner

There will be a social dinner on the evening of March 31, 
at the Ristorante Poldino in the Tenuta di San Rossore.

The transport for the participants will be organized by the
Department, the cost for the participants will be 35 € (to be
paid at the restaurant, that will give a receipt). A registration for
the dinner will be needed before March 26, through an email to 
aaa@aaa.dm.unipi.it . The menu is here.
Please detail if you have special dietary needs. 

A few pictures of the location of the dinner:

Conference Committee


Practical informations